Papers and Grants

Published Publications

Journal Publications
  1. Farr, A.C., Kleinschmidt, T.F., Yarlagadda, P. and Mengersen, K. (2012), Wayfinding: A simple concept, a complex process, Transport Reviews: A Transnational Transdisciplinary Journal, 32(6), pp 715-743.
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  3. Mengersen, K.L., Thomas, A., Pitchforth, J., Falk, M., Farr, A.C., Gasson, S., Thamrin, S.A., and Beames, S. (2012), Factors affecting timely completion of a PhD: a Complex Systems approach. Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. 12:4, 124-135.
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Accepted Publications

  1. Farr, A.C., Kleinschmidt, T.F., Johnson, S., Yarlagadda, P., Mengersen, K.L.. Investigating Effective Wayfinding in Airports: A Bayesian Network Approach – accepted to Transport, June 2013. 
  2. Mallet, D.G., Bagher Oskuoei, M., Farr, A.C., Simpson, D.P. and Heymer, K.J., A mathematical model of chlamydial infection incorporating spatial movement of chlamydial particles – accepted by the Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, July 2013.

Submitted Publications

  1. Farr, A.C., Reddy, V., Pitchforth, J., Wu, P., Thomas, A., Yarlagadda, P.K.D.V., Mengersen, K.L., Intuitive visualisations for Static and Dynamic Bayesian Networks – submitted to a Special Issue on Visual Analytics Transport in Transportation Research C: Emerging Technologies, June 2013. 
  2. Reddy, V., Farr, A.C., Wu, P., Mengersen, K.L., Yarlagadda, P.K.D.V., An Intuitive Dashboard for Bayesian Network Inference – submitted to the International Journal of Modeling, Simulation, and Scientific Computing, October 2013.


  1. The World Bank Group : ‘Cost-effectiveness of HIV prevention in Asia’ (2011-2013)
    Funding: $1,781,826
    Chief investigators: D.P. Wilson
    Associate investigators: L. Zhang, R. Gray, C. Kerr, H-H. Thein, K. Razali, A. Hoare, J. Reyes, K. Schneider, Q. Pham, E. Chow, A. Kwon, D.A. Tran, K. Heymer, X. Zhuang, A.C. Farr, K.I. Iu, M. Tapia