Me: Please eat all of your apple before you leave the table.

DS: I can’t eat the whole apple.

Me: That’s what we agreed on. You have to eat the whole apple before you can leave and watch the tv.

DS: I don’t eat the seeds of the apple. I don’t like them. So that means I can’t eat the whole apple.


Sigh. He’s so literal with everything lately!


Things that a near-4 year old says

Daniel has been coming up with some quite amusing things lately.

He's cute. And cheeky.

He’s cute. And cheeky.

  • Every night since coming to HK (with the exception of the first night, and I think that’s only because he was so knackered) has been struggle to get him to sleep. Funny thing is that every time we say ‘Good night, Daniel’, he has to say ‘Sweet dreams’. To which we say ‘You too’ and his response is ‘I will’. If, at any point, we deviate from this set of responses, he’ll start again with ‘Sweet dreams’ and will say it again and again until we say ‘You too’ and he can then say ‘I will’. Cute, but also frustrating. But more cute than frustrating.
  • He’s getting sneaky, this boy. He’ll swear black and blue that he’s not thirsty/hungry. Then we’ll walk past a 7-11 or a supermarket or a restaurant. He’ll suddenly stop walking, tug my arm and say ‘Mum. Actually, I’m a little bit hungry.’ When we suggest something decent to eat/drink, he’ll go ‘Actually, how about an ice cream/chocolate?’
  • On morning he asked what we were doing for the day. I said we had to go and get Dann’s mobile phone sim car then get Daniel a pair of shoes. He said this was a good idea. 5 mins later, he comes up and says ‘Mum! I’ve got an idea. It’s a good one. How about we get my shoes first. Then we can fix Dad’s sim card. Pleeeeaaaase, mum?’
  • He had to go to the toilet while we were the park. The toilet I took him to was a squat toilet. So he did his pee. Then I did one (TMI, I know). He looks at me and goes (in a really loud voice): ‘Wow Mum. I didn’t know your pee comes from your butt! Mine comes from my penis.’
  • Sitting on the couch one morning, he says ‘Mum, I need to do some exercise. My belly is getting big’ (he pats his stomach).
  • Patting his Dad’s stomach, ‘Dad, you need to do exercise, you’re getting a big belly.’